AsIsToBe is a full service IT architecture and design firm.

We create enterprise architectures, project architectures and solution architectures based on your ambitions. As Is To Be describes the role of the IT architect: to explain how to move from the current situation (As Is) to the desired situation (To Be). This architecture forms the basis for the roadmap for change. We are a flexible team of IT professionals consisting of architects, designers and developers. 

AsIsToBe is specialized in delivery top quality IT architectures and designs for public IT projects such as e-government or eHealth initiatives. We have designed IT architectures for Dutch e-government services and supplied architects and designers for projects such as DigiD, Mygovernment (mijnoverheid), Antwoord voor bedrijven, Digikoppeling and many more. We are experts at designing the best solutions to meet customer requirements and develop IT solutions with your team.

Based on our architectures, we help you to create working and flexible IT solutions.